What's the difference between the 2 paid plans?

The evrmore app is free to download from the Apple App Store. The free version has most of the features people love, including the vibe checker, which lets everyone use evrmore to record voice journals and provides insights into the thought patterns of your recordings.

There are also 2 different paid plans for the evrmore app:



Plan Overview



•   Basic Quests

•   Basic Visions

•   Extended Quests

•   Extended Visions

•   Personal Myth Creation

For those who want to build confidence and improve self-knowledge by nurturing their inner voice, diving into aspects of their personalities to reveal hidden patterns, and improving personal skills necessary for better relationships with themselves and others.


For those who want to do everything from the EMBARK plan + use AI to continue the journey of self-development and align their passions to actions!

These 2 plans are available for individuals and groups (for school communities and mentor networks).

Everyone who's signed up for the app is on the individual plan. Unless your school/community/mentor network has been set up for you to use evrmore together as a group, you're on the individual plan. 

Switching plans


Can I switch between the 2 plans easily?


Yes, you can! Just open App Store on your phone and tap on your own photo on the top-right corner to find all your subscriptions. You can see your current evrmore plan and upgrade/downgrade your plan. Follow these instructions on Apple

Group plans


How can I get evrmore for my entire school or student community?


Just have someone reach out to us about group plans and we'll take it from there!