What's the evrmore Alchemist Program?

In the spirit of growing, learning, and creating together, we have a youth development and internship program that lets us connect ideas and people who have lots of ideas!

Applications are open to all who enjoy learning about tech, product design & development, and mind training (so you can train your tech instead of letting your tech train you). If that sounds interesting, you're just an application away.

The YOUTH ALCHEMISTS PROGRAM starts with a peek inside the machine for you to discover your favorite features of the evrmore app in depth.

People in the community share their love for self-development and curiosity about the fast-evolving world of MINDTECH — Using the most powerful and personalized technology we have access to — Our mind + your own personal AI to train!

To join the evrmore Youth Alchemists community, you have to submit an application to help us understand the best way for you to benefit from the program and if there is a fit.

Here's a quick overview of the Youth Alchemist application process:

  1. Click over to the program page and sign up

  2. You will receive a link to kick off the application process — submit your application by following the instructions in the emails you receive

  3. You will receive a decision email within 2-3 weeks 

A supercharged internship program


What happens after I become an Alchemist?


You'll be a part of a super unique program that not only gives you behind-the-scenes access to all the latest in mindtech, you'll also participate in a quarterly alchemists sesh that gives everyone in the program the space to talk about their personal journey on the app, as well as learning about the exciting field of product design & development using emerging technologies to improve people's quality of life.

A special opportunity for people who have been looking for ...


Why is this a unique program?


We all want a way to feel empowered, to be heard, to feel seen. The evrmore Alchemist program gives all members a judgement-free community to become really good at being ourselves. Along the way, we also have heard that it's a wonderful program for:

  • People who understand the power of reflection and put them to work

  • People who naturally like to rally others, build conscious communities and put things into action potential

  • People who have lost someone they love due to mental health

  • People who want to master the unique superpowers within them to bring good to those around them (and the world)

The program is also a great path to future internship and paid opportunities via evrmore and its network of other companies in tech and impact-driven organizations.